Stein's Tour of Egypt

         Welcome to the Tour of Egypt,  which has historic sites, tourist areas, people, habitats, animals, and insects.

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Abu Simbel Ramesses II Nefertari Sheikh  El Beled The Mask of King Tutankhamun
Step Pyramid at Saqqara The Sphinx at Giza Tomb of Meresankh Horus and Sobek Sekhmet and Isis
Hathor and Ptolemy Sedge and Bee Granite Scarab Scorpion Selkis Tomb of Pabasa
Tomb of Pabasa Ptah Hotep El Alamein Petrified Forest Camel Market
Ras Mohammed Nile Dune Rice Field Sunset on the Nile Carpet Viper
Diced Water Snake Parabuthus Scorpion Robber Fly Citadel Mohammad Ali Mosque
Mt. Moses Tomb of Tiy Burning Bush Agama St. Catherine's Village
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April 3, 2008